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About Us

Moin Jewellers , A benchmark in the fashion world of jewels.

The value fashion holds is increasing more than ever , not just in current time but also one to come. An updated and upto mark fashion sense makes you highly presentable, assisting you to meet up with social standards in startling and exemplary ways. Fashion is a huge market and Moin Jewellers take it a pleasure to add more to this highly emerging sector to industry. Hardly, there would be anyone, who won’t like , going for the addition of jewelry which suits both their personality and taste. To make it easier and highly accessible, Moin Jewellers is right here for you with its decades of experience and dexterity.

Our Mission :

We aim to provide our customers with marvelous product purchase experience. In this regard, we are constantly updating and upgrading our available  articles and it’s  designs. Moreover, to assure that  it is done perfectly, we carry out comprehensive research and then sum up results (in the form of jewelry styles  in the first place and a proper  products later on). For this, we take our customer’s feedback, suggestions, and recommendations on topmost priority.

Moin Jewellers started its journey a couple of decades back in the year 1992. Having happy clients and meeting their expectations is our mission. If we call this immense positive response from the audience a heritage for Moin Jewellers, it won’t be wrong at all. It’s always a pleasure seeing our clients  satisfied with our services and them being our regular customers. We deal in multiple niches of jewelry encompassing necklaces, engagement rings, braceletspendantsearrings and more.  We are a well-known and highly reputed brand to count on, in terms of Jewellery and we are on a mission to keep enhancing it over time.

Our Vision :

We hold a  vision to keep up with market trends and provide the best quality products to  the customers, in what they are looking for. We have a team of highly professional and expert designers, who based on their expertise of years have put forth unique and stunning designs. Moin Jewelers has a global audience and is based in Lahore. Here you would name the piece of jewelry  for yourself, or for your loved ones to be gifted, we would make it available for you’ totally in parallel to your requisites. These ornaments, which are made from precious stones, would glorify your looks by manyfolds and this is our vision.

We have two main collections to offer; gold collection and diamond collection. In the gold collection, we have bangles, bracelets, Earrings, Kara, Mala Set, Necklace, and Pendants. Moreover, our  diamond  collection encompasses; bracelets and bangles , bridal collections, necklace and pendants and last but not the least , the most favorite aspect of jewellery ‘ rings.  The  taste of our clients dictates our artistry and helps us in improving our check overs.

Our Values

The passion of the latest impressive jewelry design makes possible the top collection of entire jewellery. Moin Jewellers is regarded as the one of pioneers  to offer  a full range of jewelry supplies. Furthermore, we are leading with the impressive approaches  to complete your collection. Though there are hundreds of styles to it, the supreme quality  of one product does not overshadow the effectiveness and  high quality of other products.The prices of all our items are highly reasonable. These are  our core values.  We assure and take responsibility that there won’t be any compromise on versatility and reliance.  Ideally, to get the complete variety of gold and diamond from the single point Moin Jewellers is the only one!. We have been serving in this niche for the last 28 years. Additionally, we guarantee you  the excellent jewelry collection with the unexpected touch of fashion & exclusivity that puts into your personality as one with the lofty feel. No matter which age group you belong to , we have jewellry available for you. And  what we are providing for one age group won’t over shadow  the worth of another one.

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Moin Jewellers is located as  Moin jewelry shop at 07 G Place Arcade Liberty Market Gulberg III,Lahore. We are pleased to have a loop generated, and consider it as our success. This is where clients buy from us, provide us with their valuable feedback, which is our real driving force and works as a stepping stone for  further advancements.

The most exhilarating part of Moin Jewellers is that we also make customized jewelries  apart from our online and in store available ones. You can have one in no time. So what you are waiting for ! Cherish your special ,moments by shopping from Moin Jewellers and  take your experiences to another level.